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Halloween Guild Events & Contests

Join The Fox Den for some Halloween events and contests this season. We have events available for all regions and platforms!

Halloween Costume Contest

In the spirit of the spooky season, we are hosting our annual ESO Halloween costume contest!

  • Theme

    • No theme! Can be anything you want. A movie character, spooky, Fairy Tale. Let your imagination run wild!

  • How to Enter

    • Post a screenshot in ⁠contest submissions channel in The Fox Den discord of your best outfit

    • Descriptions are optional, but if included they will be sent along with the screenshot for judging

  • Prizes

    • 1st place: Choice of ESO code or 3k Crown Shopping Spree

    • People's Choice voting: 100k gold

    • All entries will also be entered into a Crown Crate drawing


Join us for a spooky night filled with Halloween tricks, but mostly treats! Find NineTaleFox in game to trick-or-treat for a goodie bag! Maybe you get an ESO Stream Team code, maybe you get a potato and 3 gold. Only MrsNineTales' spooky spreadsheet knows!


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