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This how-to guide will walk you through the basics of Scribing in The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road chapter.

Scribing has been posed as the precursor to Spell Crafting that can be seen in later games on the ESO timeline. But what exactly is it? Scribing is the art of creating your own custom skills. You can mix and match different attribute components to create skills that fit your vision.


To access Scribing you will need access to the Gold Road chapter, be level 30+ or have an alternate character that is at least CP. If you meet those requirements head to Skingrad in West Weald and read the posted note on the side of the tavern, just off the Skingrad City Wayshrine. This will kick off "The Second Era of Scribing" quest. During this quest you will unlock your first Grimoire, Focus Script, Signature Script and Affix Script and you'll get the opportunity to create your first custom skill. You'll also get a 'How to Scribe' book furnishing and a Skill Style for Soul Trap when you complete the quest. So now that you have this new system unlocked, let's talk about how it works and how to collect all of the components you'll need to create more custom scribed skills.


To create a custom scribed skill you will need 5 components:

  • Grimoires

  • Focus Scripts

  • Signature Scripts

  • Affix Scripts

  • Luminous Inks



Grimoires are essentially the core skills you'll be customizing and each grimoire is connected to a particular skill tree. At the launch of Gold Road you will be able to unlock grimoires in the following skill lines:

  • Destruction Staff

  • Restoration Staff

  • One Hand and Shield

  • Two Handed

  • Bow

  • Dual Wield

  • Soul Magic

  • Fighters Guild

  • Mages Guild

  • Assault

A few things to note about grimoires:

  • To unlock all Grimoires you will need to complete "The Wing of the Indrik" quest in the Scholarium. Once complete you will unlock the Grimoire and Script Vendor Chronicler Firandil who will have all launch Grimoires available to purchase.

  • In order to use these grimoires you will need to level the corresponding weapon skill lines to 25 and corresponding World and Guild skill lines to level 5.

  • The team at Bethesda has stated that grimoires for additional skill lines will be added in the future.



The second, third and fourth components are Scripts. There are three types of scripts, each with their own unique effects:

  • Focus Scripts determine the cost of the ability and whether or not it will be Mag or Stam based. These scripts can be found by completing Daily Delve quests, Daily Mages Guild quests and Daily Fighters Guild quests.

  • Signature Scripts can enhance the effects of the Focus Script, trigger a unique interaction with an existing mechanic, or add secondary attributes to the Scribed Skill. These scripts can be found by completing Daily World Boss quests, Daily Cyrodiil quests and Daily Fighters Guild quests.

  • Affix Scripts add a major/minor buff or debuff depending on if the skill affects your party members or enemies. These scripts can be found by completing Daily World Event quests, Daily Imperial City quests and Undaunted quests.


In addition to the previously mentioned sources, you can also acquire scripts by:

  • Completing "The Wing of the Indrik" and "The Wing of the Netch" quests in the Scholarium

  • Finding hidden scripts in these Mages Guilds around Tamriel:

    • Vulkhel Guard

    • Davon’s Watch

    • Daggerfall

    • Wayrest

    • Elden Root

    • Mournhold

    • Riften

    • Evermore

    • Rawl’kha

  • After completing the quest “The Wing of the Dragon” quest, Script Scraps will now drop across Tamriel. You can acquire the Class Mastery Signature Script by combining 50 Class Script Scraps which will give you a special class specific script. Here are just a few examples of places these class script scraps can drop from:

    • Mirrormoor Incursions

    • Daily dungeon rewards

    • Trial weekly coffers

    • Leaderboard rewards

    • Infinite Archive rewards

    • Completing Master Writs

    • Cyrodiil Elder Scrolls capture quests rewards

    • Daily Battleground rewards

    • And more!


A few things to note about scripts:

  • There is a guaranteed script drop for the first daily of each script type per day and a 25% chance for any additional dailies.

  • Scripts are character specific so unlocking them on one character does not mean they will be available on other characters, you will need to find or purchase them again for your other characters.

  • Once 1 character has them unlocked the prices are reduced both in the initial price and in the discounted price once you have knowledge. You will be able to purchase these from Chronicler Firandil in the Scholarium and Filer Ool in the Infinite Archive.

  • Scripts are account bound so you won't be able to sell or trade them, but they are not character bound, so you can bank them to apply to other characters.

  • Class Script Scraps can be individually consumed to advance the "A Signature with Class" achievement, and will no longer drop for the account once the achievement is complete.


Luminous Inks

The final component to scribing will be Luminous Inks. Inks are treated as a crafting material, so if you are an ESO+ member you will find them in your craft bag. These materials are not account bound and can be freely traded and sold on guild traders. Inks can be found in a number of locations but to get the most of them dropping you'll want to complete “The Wing of the Indrik” and “The Wing of the Netch” quests. The blessings granted from completing these quests will allow inks to drop from defeated enemies and harvesting nodes respectively. Also, if you have the Plentiful Harvest passive it also awards additional Luminous Ink.

Each script will require an ink to apply it. So the very first time you scribe a new skill you will need 3 inks to apply all 3 scripts. The good news is that if you ever want to change a scribed skill, you'll only need enough ink to change the scripts that you want. For example, if you only want to change the Affix script the change will only consume 1 ink, and everything else stays the same.



These new skills are active skills and will take a spot on your bar as any normal skill would. You can only create a single scribed skill per skill line, but you can return to the Scholarium at any point to change them as you'd like. And for those wondering about a Scribing table for Guild Halls, we are being told that there will be one coming sometime after launch, so you will also be able to find scribing tables in your favorite Fox Den guild hall eventually as well.

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