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This guide will help you acquire the Wildburn Lynx mount from West Weald as part of The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road chapter.


The Wildburn Lynx mount is a new mount you can acquire for free in The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road. It can be unlocked by completing the Savior of West Weald achievement.


This guide will help you identify the achievements needed to acquire the Wildburn Linx mount. For more involved achievements you can click through to view the individual guides.

Hero of the Gold Road

Complete the following achievements:

  • Champion of the Gold Road – Complete the main quest in West Weald and both epilogue quests. Note: epilogue quests are only available once you have completed the quests "The Untraveled Road" (final Gold Road main story quest) and "Chronicle of Fate" (final Necrom main story quest).

  • Gold Road Grand Adventurer – Complete 28 unique quests in West Weald (dailies to not count)

  • Gold Road Master Explorer – Complete the following:

    • Gold Road Cave Delver – Discover and clear all explorable caves across West Weald

    • Gold Road Pathfinder – Discover all of the striking locales across West Weald

  • Defender of Gold Road – Defeat all 6 World Bosses across West Weald

  • Brazen Victory – Defeat Viikor Brazen Hoof (Group Event) in Silorn Public Dungeon

  • Mirror Smasher – Defeat Yrrkkyyn (Group Event) in Leftwheal Trading Post Public Dungeon


Gold Road Sword for Hire

Complete the following West Weald daily quest achievements:

  • Gold Road Sojourner – Complete 1 delve daily quest

  • Gold Road Monster Exterminator – Complete 1 world boss daily quest

  • Mirrormooor Incursion Devastator – Complete 30 incursion daily quests

Antiquarian Chase: West Weald

Acquire all three Mythic items from West Weald:

  • Rourken Heavy Gauntlets

  • The Shadow Queen's Cowl

  • Mythic Necklace


West Weald Skyshard Hunter

Find all 18 skyshards across West Weald


West Weald Master Angler

Catch all 12 rare fish in West Weald: 

  • Salasso Carp (Lake)

  • Colovian Zander (Lake)

  • False Hadolid (Lake)

  • Bitterfish (Lake)

  • Golden Sturgeon (River)

  • Giant Strid Piranha (River)

  • Marble Trout (River)

  • Larich Loach (River)

  • Skingrad Sculpin (Foul)

  • Wildburn Blobfish (Foul)

  • Death Hopper Nymph (Foul)

  • Bonytongue (Foul)

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