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This guide will provide the locations of all 18 Skyshards in Weald Weald as part of the The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road chapter.

  1. On the steps of a vineyard near wildburn's edge. 

  2. Outside the grate upriver of Varen's Watch.

  3. Overlooking the gorge beside the Skingrad castle bridge. 

  4. Atop an overgrown citadel northwest of Ostumir's ruin. 

  5. Where Ayleids once looked down upon the river Strid. 

  6. Gazing down upon wheat fields from Centurion's Rise. 

  7. Up top on Rock Bottom.

  8. In the rubble of a collapsed mine in sight of Leftwheal. 

  9. Wedged in a stump at Deserter's Lagoon.

  10. Tucked in a cave amid the wildburn west of Hoperoot. 

  11. A Resting on Silorn treasures down a blind alley in the north. 

  12. In the maw of a mighty skull. Look up in Leftwheal. 

  13. On a platform overlooking the Legion's Rest central cavern. 

  14. On a wildgrown bridge high above a Fyrelight stream. 

  15. Displayed at the end of a hall in Nonungalo's ancient maze. 

  16. Carted to the top of the battlements at Fort Colovia. 

  17. South at Haldain Lumber Camp, beneath Ayleid boughs. 

  18. Pulled to a tower's top near the middle of Varen's Watch.

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