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This guide will help you collect Nantharion’s Royal outfit style pages in The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road.


Nantharion’s Royal outfit style is a new outfit style in The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road. It can be unlocked by completing a number of exploration and quest achievements in West Weald.


This guide will help you identify the achievements associated with each piece of the style. For more involved achievements you can click through to view the individual guides.

Nantharion’s Royal Helm

Gold Road Adventurer
Complete 28 unique quests in West Weald

Note: These quests can include the zone main story and side quests. Repeatable daily zone quests such as Word Boss and Delve dailies will NOT count toward this number. 


Nantharion’s Royal Pauldrons

Wine and Warriors

Engage in local West Weald culture in various ways


Nantharion’s Royal Cuirass

Defender of Gold Road
Defeat all six group bosses across West Weald


Nantharion’s Royal Gauntlets

Gold Road Cave Delver
Discover and clear all explorable delves across the West Weald


Nantharion’s Royal Girdle

Gold Road Partaker
Complete local rituals across West Weald.


Nantharion’s Royal Greeves

Glass Sky Champion

Journey to the Mirrormoor Mosaics in West Weald and defeat the following Incursion champions:

  • Shrakkaher

  • Rrarrvok

  • Krrazzak


Nantharion’s Royal Sabatons

West Weald Master Angler
Catch all 12 rare fish in West Weald

  • Salasso Carp (Lake)

  • Colovian Zander (Lake)

  • False Hadolid (Lake)

  • Bitterfish (Lake)

  • Golden Sturgeon (River)

  • Giant Strid Piranha (River)

  • Marble Trout (River)

  • Larich Loach (River)

  • Skingrad Sculpin (Foul)

  • Wildburn Blobfish (Foul)

  • Death Hopper Nymph (Foul)

  • Bonytongue (Foul)

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