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Get your Hermaeus Mora Shrine featured in an ESO blog

Calling all of Tamriel's Interior Designers! As we're working our way to the launch of Necrom, ESO is making a call out to the housing community to show off your take on a shrine for Hermaeus Mora. Do you have a room befitting the Daedric Prince of Knowledge? Can you make a space worthy for Mora to lay his tentacles after a long day of reading? If you've got what it takes to build the ultimate Hermaeus Mora shrine, ESO wants to see your creations! They'll be highlighting some in a blog post in the coming weeks. To be considered for the blog, please post your shrines by April 20th at 10am ET.

To participate, simply take some screenshots of Mora-themed shrine, and submit them in this thread with your character name and a brief description of your creation.


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