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Arcanist - Endless Archive - V.3 Changes

These are the final changes to the build to more reliably get to Arc 6+ that were developed after this video guide:

1) Replace Briarheart with Hexos. Every piece will be set up the same. Just swap the gear sets out 1:1. I tried countless combinations. Tank sets to hit resist cap. Healing sets. Try hard damage sets. Weird combos of different mythics while still using 1 bar. At the end of it all, our good friend Hexos saved the day. It is what allowed me to push the build into mid Arc 6. Once you break into Arc 4 OR if you are struggling on Arc 3, thats when you will want to make this change. Its quite a bit overkill in the earlier stages. 2) Put all 64 points into Health.

3) Tri Enchant your gear if you can. This pushes our health even higher while keeping our stamina at solid values, and giving us back some magicka from the next step. As you progress, you'll need higher and higher health. Better to set it up correctly now. For example, last night in Arc 6, I got hit for 33k from a single attack. Plus we will have plenty of damage from visions and verses. This is about survivability.

4) Drop Sugar Skulls and use a bi-stat food like Pack Leaders Bone Broth. For a more well rounded experience, especially in higher Arcs, use Orzorga's Smoked Bear Haunch 5) In the RED CP Tree, drop rejuvenation and replace it with Juggernaut.  This will give you a semi-constant 5% damage reduction. 6) Drop Lingering Flare for Spiteward of the Lucid Mind.  This gives you a shield when you use it, heals you when you use it increasing per crux used, and reduces in cost by 30% per crux spent. It also scales off max health (see all the health stacking elements above). Lastly, it gives more sustain from the passive: Soldier of Apocrypha - Wellspring of the Abyss. More sustain than the CP slottable Rejuvenation gives, which is why we were able to freely drop it in place of Juggernaut. So, this means, when you use this ability with 3 crux, its basically costs nothing, will shield you for ~11k and heal you for ~11k to ~21k on crits. So about 20-30k effective health. So in super intense panic moments, rather than flail/flail/beam, you will flail/flail/spiteward. And remember, your flail is also healing you in the gaps as well. Recuperative Treatise gives 1 crux every 5 seconds if you have none. The reason your rotation for damage is "always" 2 flails followed by beam (rather than 3 flails followed by beam), is because Treatise is almost always guaranteed to proc during your 5 globals of channel time for beam. However, if you arent beaming for those long blocks of time, you wont get that extra crux after every 2 flails. So keep an eye out on your crux if you get caught on your heels flail/flail/spitwarding. You may need to weave in a 3rd flail for the 3rd crux at times to get its full effect. I have actually flat footed out tanked a Marauder just flail/flail/Spitewarding. Other than using Spiteward in intense defensive moments, the playstyle is exactly the same. 7) Use this CP for the blue tree: -Ironclad: -6% Direct Damage taken. -Unassailable: -6% Area of Effect damage taken. -Enduring Resolve: -6% Damage Over Time taken. -Duelist's Rebuff: -6% Single Target damage taken.


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