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Enjoy all the cake you can eat during The Elder Scrolls Online's Anniversary Jubilee event, celebrating the birth of the game!

Event Details


Begins: Thursday, April 4th at 10am  ET

Ends: Tuesday, April 23rd at 10am ET

Total Tickets: 60 tickets

Special Bonuses: 100% XP*


*Unlike previous years, using the cake is not necessary to keep the +100% XP buff from the event active. The buff will automatically applied during the event period.


  • Acquire the event starter quest “For Cake’s Sake” from the in-game Crown Store for free


  • Talk to the Khajiit chef Apprentice Mogh near the docks of Davon's Watch (Stonefalls), Vulkhel Guard (Auridon), or Daggerfall (Glenumbra)


Tickets: Three (3) tickets from your first bite of cake each day

Loot Boxes: Earn loot boxes by:

  • Completing any daily quests in game. For a full list of daily quests available in game, check out our list here.

  • Killing and looting any final Dungeon boss

  • Killing and looting any final Trial boss

  • Killing and looting any World boss

  • Completing any Incursion event, such as a Dark Anchors, Geysers, Bastion Nymic, etc

  • Rewards for the Worthy reward mails

  • A chance from Tales of Tribute reward mails, with a higher chance to receive one based on the challenge of the opponent or the number of opponents face during a daily


  • NEW Earthbone Ayleid armor style pages

  • NEW A fragment for the new Jubilee Steed mount (note that you need 25 total fragments to make the steed, so keep some Event Tickets ready if you want this one!)

  • Crafting materials

  • A random motif chapter, furnishing recipe, or style item

  • Transmute Crystals

  • Desecrated Grave Soil, the Worm Cult style item

  • A small chance for a tradeable style page for last year’s Bonemold armor style

  • A small chance for Bonemold, Saberkeel, or Worm Cult outfit styles

In addition to the Gift Boxes, you can also earn new cosmetic rewards that have never before been earnable in game:

  • Trueflame Sword Replica - an extremely small chance from any fishing node during the Jubilee

  • Staff of Worms Replica - any Dolmen reward chest has a chance to drop this page

  • Sunna’rah Replica or the Barbas Helmet Replica - any World Boss in Vvardenfell has a chance to drop these pages

  • Ul’vor Staff - any Geyser in Summerset has a chance to drop this page



  • All three Molag Bal Illusion Imp pet fragments

  • The first two fragments for the Master of Schemes personality

  • Bound style pages for the Earthbone Ayleid armor style

  • Anniversary Cake furnishings (note that these require you to own the respective year’s cake memento to buy)

  • Anniversary Cake Slice furnishings (you DO NOT need to own the respective year’s cake memento to buy these)

  • Jubilee Steed mount fragments

  • Bags of Jubilee Yesteryear, containing the following, providing only items you do not currently own:

    • Bound Worm Cult motif chapters

    • Jephrine Paladin armor style pages

    • Imperial Champion armor style pages

    • Prophet armor style pages

    • Lyris armor style pages

    • Sai Sahan armor style pages

    • Abnur Tharn armor style pages

    • Bound Saberkeel armor style pages

    • Bound Bonemold armor style pages

    • Aurora Firepot Spider parts (excluding the instructions, which are available from the Impresario’s assistant)

    • Desecrated Grave Soil (note that this is a chance in addition to whatever else the bag contains)

  • Group Repair Kits

  • Companion Guild Commendations


Impresario Assistant

  • All three Unstable Morpholith Pet Fragments

  • All three Deadlands Scorcher Skin Fragments


Indrik Vendor

  • Nascent Indrik Feathers

  • Luminous Indrik Berries

  • Icebreath Indrik Berries

  • Shimmering Indrik pet

  • Rimedusk Indrik pet

Pocket Guide


Tips & Tricks

  • CHECK YOUR TICKETS FIRST THING EACH DAY - you can only hold 12 and will lose them if you go over! Don't get to the quest turn -in only to have to leave and spend tickets first!

  • Before you buy from the Impresario, test the drop rate of event goodies - tickets are valuable so save them for the things that don't drop if you can!

    • Also, ask your guildies or check the guild bank - sometimes people have extra they are willing to share! Exhaust your options before buying!

    • Items purchased form the Impresario are BOUND, but items from coffer drops are tradable and able to be sold on guild traders

  • It is SO easy to burn out during this event! Take it slow and steady. Don't try to do 450 dailies every day or you will hate ESO for a solid month!

  • Crafting writs will be your quickest quest to complete, so if you are pressed for time this is a great option.

    • If you are on PC, get Dolgubon's Lazy Writ crafter to make crafting writs 10x faster.

    • Also, make sure you put points into your passives that allow you to make up to 4 food/drink per one crafting. Put the extras in the bank and other characters of the same crafting writ level can turn them in. Saves time and resources!

    • If you’re doing dailies for boxes, just note that you can only complete up to 50 daily quests per character, per day.

    • Many daily quests have multiple quests (i.e. World Bosses and Delves have a daily for each one). While you can only pick one up from the quest giver other people can share different quests of the same type, so don't be afraid to ask your guildies or zone chat for extra shares!

    • Double down and knock out some achievements while you're at it! Many daily quests have achievements associated with them. Check your journal and see what dailies you can do for bonus achievements - some may even have dyes and titles!

    • If you plan on running Harrowstorms, pick up the Harrowstorm quests in both The Reach and Western Skyrim. Completing one Harrowstorm will count for both quests at once.

    • This event is a great opportunity to improve your relationship with your companions. Here are some of their favorite things to do to each some big rapport boosts:

      • Mirri - Fighter's Guild daily

      • Bastion - Mage's Guild daily

      • Sharp-As-Night - Fishing

      • Azandar - Enchanting daily crafting writs and Necrom delve dailies

      • Ember - Mage's Guild daily, Thieves Guild daily and High Isle dailies

      • Isabelle - Undaunted Delve daily quest, Hight Isle World Boss dailies and visiting any Undaunted Enclave

    • If you’re heading into PvP, group up in Cyrodiil! All of the mission board quests (except scouting missions) will count other group member's contributions. If you need to kill 20 Nightblades your group's kills count too.

    • If you run the Undaunted group dungeon pledges on Veteran or Veteran Hard Mode Hard Mode you can get even more keys.

Event Details
Pocket Guide
Tips and Tricks
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