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The website domain has changed from to! will stay in place as a redirect for a few months.

All Elder Scrolls Online Builds are now being updated! 

This is a One Bar Heavy Attack Sorcerer build capable of clearing any solo content in the game and even some 12 man trial bosses! Written guide: Here!

The Immortal One Bar Warden!  This build is one of the strongest one bar solo builds for this DLC capable of soloing some 12 man Trial bosses!  Do you want a build with infinite sustain, great damage, no trial gear, and a blast to play that makes you a walking Raid Boss?  Check this one out! and Written guide: Here!

The Ultimate One Bar Sorcerer!  It parses 109k+ DPS with non-trial options as well as a solo set up to easily clear Vma and Vvate!  Written guide: Here!

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