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This guide will help walk you through completing Bastion Nymic, a new instanced world event in The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom.


To enter Bastion Nymic you will first need to pick up the Bastion Nymic daily quest. You can pick up the quest from Ordinator Tandasea in Necrom on the Telvanni Peninsula.​

HOT TIP: You can do four of these dailies per character by sharing the quest, one for each portal entrance (two entrances in Telvanni  Peninsula and two entrances in Apocrypha).

The daily quest will have you collect five Daedric Ichor, which will be picked up by defeating Herald's Seekers, the zone's roaming World Bosses. The quest will mark these bosses on your map. Once you have all five Daedric Ichor, you will enter Bastion Nymic via one of the two portals.


HOT TIP: If you are grouped up, party member's Ichor will count towards your total needed so if you can run with multiple people you'll be able to complete this part even faster!


Inside Bastion Nymic, there will be three quarters: the Dreaming Quarter, the Plagued Quarter and the Subverted Quarter. Each quarter will have different enemy types, puzzles and bosses for you to navigate through. The puzzles will be optional, but there will be achievements associated with it if you're looking to complete the Keeper of the Bastion achievement and unlock the Obsidian Dwarven Sphere non-combat pet reward. The quest will indicate which region to enter.


After defeating the side-boss in the designated quarter, you will be brought back to center to defeat a final boss. While only one boss will spawn in each instance, there are three different bosses you can encounter here: the Nymic Refuter, the Nymic Defier or the Nymic Purifier. You will need to defeat all three bosses in order to complete the Bane of Heralds achievement and unlock the Shroomtender Breeches Outfit Style. This achievement will also be a requirement to complete the Keeper of the Bastion achievement and unlock the Obsidian Dwarven Sphere non-combat pet reward.

HOT TIP: You can either kill the final boss after completing the quest required side boss, or explore the other two quarters first for additional loot and progress other achievements. If you choose to kill the final boss first, all enemies in the other two quarters will despawn. 


There are a variety of achievements associated with Bastion Nymic. Here are a couple achievements to unlock some new collectables:

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