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Free Loot for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

From now until June 2nd, Xbox players can unlock bonus in-game items via their Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions!

The 10th Anniversary Pack 1 is now available via your Ultimate subscription, with more rewards arriving in future packs later this year.

What’s in 10th Anniversary Pack 1?

  • 3× Grand Gold Coast Experience Scrolls

  • 500 Seals of Endeavor

How to claim:

  1. Navigate to your Xbox Home dashboard and select Game Pass

  2. Navigate to Perks

  3. Find and select the ESO perks (10th Anniversary Pack 1)

  4. Select the Claim button to receive a code

  5. Select Redeem code and input it into the code field

    1. It will auto-populate the code field—do not alter it

  6. Select Check Code and then Next

  7. Finally, select Confirm to receive your in-game items!


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