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ESO: News and Announcements - 1/24

Happy Friday! So much news to talk about, but first... The big ESO Global Reveal Event is coming up next week on January 25th starting at 3:45pm ET!

There will also be an Xbox/Bethesda Developer Direct show prior to the reveal starting at 3pm ET where they will discuss other Xbox and Bethesda game updates. We will be posting all the key info and links after the broadcast as well as a schedule with the other regional events for those that didn't get a chance to get their Ritual Casting emote drop during the premier. If you have not linked your ESO and Twitch accounts yet make sure you do that prior to the start of the broadcast here is some help on how to link your Twitch and ESO accounts. Can't wait to see what is in store for 2023!

In-Game Updates

  • The first event of 2023 is the Season of the Dragon Celebration. Details are live on our event page! Event begins Thursday, January 26 at 10am ET, and runs until Tuesday, February 7 at 10am ET. We will have a tips and tricks page up soon as well!

  • The last day to play ESO on Stadia is January 17, but players can transfer to PC/Mac, without loss to their characters or additional purchase! Check out the article for more info.

  • The Grundwulf Mask Style Page has a chance to drop from Grundwulf in Veteran Moongrave Fane from now until February 2nd

  • ESO+ members! Don't forget to pick up your FREE Statuette: Duchess Martinne in the crown store this month. Must claim on both NA and EU separately if you'd like it on both servers!

Twitch Updates

  • Check out the ESO Live today, January 20th at 4pm ET at CMs Gina and Jess sit down with voice actors Steve French (Mehrunes Dagon) and Paul Guyet (Ascendant Lord). Twitch drops will be on!


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