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Claim Your Free House Guests!

Part of the ongoing 10-Year Anniversary Celebration, the “Anniversary Spotlight—Hearth & Home” kicks off today and continues until Friday, May 31st!

During this time, you can claim two houseguests for FREE from the Crown Store:

  • Necrom Guard Miraso houseguest

    • Requires the Party Planner achievement - have three players visit your home simultaneously

  • Alchemy Houseguest

    • Requires:

      • Expert Resin Harvester achievement - harvest 25 Alchemical Resin

      • Novice Alchemy Furnisher achievement - learn any Alchemy formula

Also a reminder to not miss out on the FREE home! Log in three times during the month of May to claim the Sword-Singer’s Redoubt.

Throughout the Anniversary Spotlight, Daily and Weekly Endeavors will more frequently feature challenges related to housing, with increased rewards received upon completion. These include placing furnishings, collecting Pure Water Springs or Alchemical Plants, and crafting items using your Alchemy skill.


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