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PTS Patch Notes v9.0.4

The Elder Scrolls Online v9.0.4 is the final patch for this PTS cycle and continues to address issues associated with Necrom quests and content, along with some outstanding bugs with the Arcanist. Please note during this week, access to the Necrom Chapter will be restricted to those who pre-purchased the Chapter to test proper access levels ahead of it launching on June 5. The size of this final patch is approximately 167MB. Thank you to everyone for providing so much feedback these past few weeks!


  • Fixed an issue where passives and item sets that activated from consuming a potion would fail to activate when consuming a crafted potion.


  • Herald of the Tome

    • Abyssal Impact: Fixed an issue where your game could crash if too many people used this ability simultaneously.

    • Tome-Bearer Inspiration: Updated the ability icon to display a Crux generation symbol.

  • Soldier of Apocrypha

    • Runespite Ward

      • Impervious Ward (morph): Fixed an issue where the Action Bar Timer would appear to reset itself.

  • Curative Runeforms

    • Apocryphal Gate: Updated the ability icon to display a Crux generation symbol.

      • Passage Between Worlds (morph): Fixed an issue where the camera and character orientation when casting this ability was not consistent with the base ability.

    • Domain

      • Reconstuctive Domain (morph): Fixed an issue where this morph was not considered a healing ability for various passive procs and triggers.

    • Remedy Cascade: Fixed an issue where the Healing Mage item set would not trigger when casting this ability.

      • Curative Surge (morph): Fixed an issue where the tooltip values were not accounting for rank progression.

    • Vitalizing Glyphic: Fixed an issue where the glyphic would reset to full health if you ran far enough away from it while it was summoned.


  • Adversarial Adventures: Fixed an issue where Azandar will react to getting hit before actually getting hit.

  • Between a Rock and a Whetstone: Fixed an issue where Sharp would comment on a nice warm fire in the middle of the sequence in Adept’s Retreat in Windhelm.

  • Dim and Distant Pasts:

    • Fixed an issue where Sharp would become unresponsive if you left in the middle of the sequence at Dimik-ei’s camp in Shadowfen.

    • Fixed an issue where Sharp would say a line out of sequence at Dimik-ei’s camp in Shadowfen.

  • Roads Not Taken: Fixed an issue if your character died in Azandar’s sanctum, you would revive at Errinorne Isle.

  • Tempting Fates: Fixed an issue where you could not talk to Nilvon in the Balmora sequence.

  • The Fateweaver Key:

    • Fixed an issue where Azandar used the wrong dialogue in Ciphers Midden.

    • The Tomeshell will now properly vanish if you abandon the quest during the Tomeshell chase sequence.

    • Azandar will no longer talk over himself in Cipher’s Midden.

    • Fixed an issue where certain visual effects wouldn’t appear during the sequence at the Altar of the One Who Knows.

    • Fixed an issue where the Fathoms Drift sequence would not play correctly if you left the delve or logged off in the middle of it.


  • Detection Potions: Reduced the bonus detection size of these potions to 43.5 meters, down from 100 meters. These values will ensure similar power experiences and detection sizes as before, with the new updates to how Invisibility works with detection bonuses under the hood.

Trial Sets

  • Healing Mage: Fixed an issue where this set failed to activate from Remedy Cascade and its morphs.


  • Fixed an issue where trying to check your mail forced you to concede a Tribute match without asking you to confirm.


  • Red Eagle

    • Lowered the health from the Hagraven and Hagraven Matron cards from 4 to 3.


  • Fixed an issue with Hermaeus Mora’s animations popping when exiting out of a conversation.

  • Adjusted and resolved numerous issues with floating and clipping assets across the Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha.


  • Balanced and tweaked sound effects and ambient audio across the Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha.

  • The Telvanni Peninsula portal in Balfiera Island now plays correct audio after completing the tutorial quest.

Sanity’s Edge Trial

  • Exarchanic Yaseyla

    • Increased the cast time of the Wamasu’s charge ability.

    • Yaseyla’s Freeze Bomb will no longer have a chance to freeze three players at once.

    • The Wamasu charge will now act appropriately when targeting a player companion.

  • Archwizard Twelvane and Chimera

    • This encounter will now properly reset when intended in instances where you have an active companion.

  • Ansuul the Tormentor

    • Companions that enter Vanton’s Torment will no longer be targeted by certain abilities.

    • Roaming effects within the maze section of the encounter will no longer instantly affected revived players.

    • Adjusted Poisoned Mind so those exiting Vanton’s Torment are not immediately targeted.


  • Updated various books for Shalidor’s Library so they can no longer be read while invisible.

  • Fixed an issue where two different Trophy Fish had the name “Quillfish.”


  • The achievement text for the “Slaughtered by Tentacles” achievement now offers more clarity on how to achieve it.


  • Kwama Scribs found in the cages of the livestock pen outside Necrom can no longer be killed.

  • Kwama in livestock pens now have appropriate livestock behavior and health.

  • Adjusted the density of the livestock population.

  • Removed dead elk from the Telvanni Peninsula.

  • Fixed an issue where domesticated Vvardvarks would spawn on top of one another.

  • Updated Watchling enemies in the Underweave that were using monster abilities intended for the Deadlands.


  • Unarmed Arcanist NPCs will no longer sporadically disappear during combat.

World Bosses

  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from targeting several enemy archers in Clamorclap Bowl.

  • Coryls the Chainmaker will no longer duplicate his dialogue for every member of a group.


  • You can no longer mount up while in the Mourner’s Solace Inn in Necrom.

  • Updated the Chthonic Landing map marker so it no longer appears as a Striking Locale.

  • Fixed an issue where storms would never occur in a specific section of the Apocrypha overland.

  • Updated the Ald Isra city map to better reflect the layout of the area.

  • Updated the map of Anchre Egg Mine so your character no longer appears outside its boundaries.

  • Fixed several instances where quest NPCs would talk over themselves or their VO lines would not trigger correctly.

  • Fixed and updated several quest NPCs animations and appearances.

  • Added some missing sound effects throughout various quest interactions.

Main Quest

  • A Calamity of Fate: Fixed an issue where Scruut could vanish prematurely.

  • An Unhealthy Fate:

    • Fixed an issue where you could see an enemy’s nameplate after they disappeared.

    • Fixed an issue that would prevent the final boss from becoming targetable.

    • Fixed an issue where the portal out of the Mythos may disappear if you logged out before using it.

    • Fixed an issue that would count the final boss as livestock.

    • Fixed an issue where duplicates of several allies would appear after completing this quest.

  • Chronicle of Fate: Fixed an issue where you could have a green overlay stuck on your screen during this quest.

  • Conclave of Fate:

    • You will no longer see duplicate compass pins when assisting Meln the Mouthless in Tel Rendys, or when investigating certain chambers of Tel Huulen.

    • You can no longer sit in Valyne’s chair at the same time as her in Tel Huulen.

    • Fixed an issue where player allies would stand on furniture if you relogged in the Necrom Bindery.

    • Fixed an issue where you could talk to an NPC in the middle of a pivotal story sequence in Tel Huulen.

    • You will now receive correct quest pins on several doors when navigating the shrine portion of the quest.

    • Fixed an issue where your character could become trapped if you abandoned the quest in the shrine area.

    • Fixed an issue where group mates could accidentally give one another early access to later parts of the quest.

    • Your character will no longer lose their disguise if they die in Tel Huulen and will no longer become trapped between doors in the halls.

  • Eye of Fate (Prologue Quest): Fixed several animation issues with Mondrar and Hlaro’s jump in the Shrine of the Golden Eye.

  • Fate’s Lost Dream: Fixed various issues with ambient audio suddenly changing in the Tranquil Catalogue.

Miscellaneous Quests

  • Akacirn the Deathless:

    • Fixed an issue where progress of certain activities would not tally correctly in a group.

    • Flames extinguished during the quest will no longer reappear on relogging.

  • In a Troubled House: Fixed an issue where Garalo Givyn would vanish prematurely.

  • Numinous Grimoire, Volume 1: There will now be proper compass pin behavior in the Southern Orphic Tunnels on the quest.

Objective Quests

  • A Memory of Mystery:

    • Fixed issues with the underwater environment in the Clockwork Probabilis.

    • Fixed an issue where one player could cause another player to become blocked when talking to Protus.

    • Protus will now stand in the correct place if you relog after collecting the Mnemonic Fragments at the start of the quest.

    • Fixed an issue where the quest boss would duplicate themselves when your character died and resurrected while fighting them.

  • A Thief to Catch a Thief: The quest boss will now properly bemoan their fate on death.

  • Escape of the Sane:

    • Updated one of the notes that bestows the quest so it no longer floats.

    • Fixed an issue where Bristlebacks put to sleep would be awake if you relogged in the middle of sedating them.

    • Morian can no longer bypass the Feral Gallery’s magical barrier before he is meant to.

    • If you abandon the quest while in the Bristleback pen, your character will now be teleported out of it instead of being mauled to death by murderous swine.

    • Adjusted the position of the book “Sentient Beasts of the Gallery” to avoid clipping.

    • Fixed an issue with extra compass pins appearing on the quest step “Light the Firepot”.

    • Morian is far less likely to stand on invisible collision in the Feral Gallery. Never say never, though.

    • Fixed an issue where Morian would vanish in the middle of a story sequence in the Ciphers’ offices.

  • Forgotten Glories:

    • Tyss and the Remnants will no longer vanish if you relog after accepting the quest.

    • Fixed an issue where the introduction sequence of the quest would play out of order.

    • Your progress will no longer be blocked if you backtrack into the Cenotaph Caverns after reaching the courtyard.

    • Fixed an issue with a misleading quest marker in the Northern Orphic Tunnels.

    • Tyss will no longer ask you to help her make a key choice at the end of the quest after you have already helped her make said key choice.

    • Fixed an issue where Tyss would walk through multiple assets during a particular scene of the quest.

  • Lost in Thought: Fixed an issue where one of the Rectory’s vessels was visibly floating.

  • Piteous Envoys:

    • You will no longer hear rainfall while exploring the Obscure Forum.

    • Fixed an issue where some visual effects were misaligned.

    • Fixed an issue where Hezekh would hold his mirror into his head.

    • Fixed an issue where you couldn't talk to Hezekh during certain steps of the quest.

  • Tracing Shadows: Fixed an issue where conversations would play out of sequence with Naryu.

Public Dungeons & Delves

  • Adjusted the tuning of several bosses in the Underweave Public Dungeon.

World Events

  • Fixed an issue where you could use the Arcanist’s Apocryphal Gate ability to travel through temporary barriers in Bastion Nymic.

  • Enemies summoned by Herald’s Seekers no longer drop loot.

  • Removed an erroneously placed Herald’s Seeker.

  • Changed the visual effects for the red plague containers in the Plague Quarter to better distinguish them from green plague containers.

Help & Tutorials

  • Revised the text of Necrom’s Help text to be more useful and consistent with those of previous Chapters.


  • Fixed an issue where the green trail for the Grovetender's Sweep Customized Action would not display properly.

  • Changed the name and description of the “Mercymother’s Face Art” to “Ode to Clockwork Face Art” to make it more thematically and lore appropriate.

Zeal of Zenithar

  • Changed Impresario Group Repair Kits and certain Research Scrolls so that they can be laundered if acquired from stolen sources. You sticky fingered knaves, stealing from hard working citizens who earned those Zenithar boxes justly.


  • The following outfits and collectibles are now visible in the menu, regardless if you have them unlocked or not:

    • Gravegrasp Armor Style

    • Shroomtender Armor Style

    • Graht-Oak Squirrel Pet

    • Obsidian Dwarven Sphere


  • Emissary's Enclave

    • Fixed some small flickering at the bottom of the windows in the upper interior chamber.

    • Fixed some small texture fidelity issues with the pillars used in Emissary's Enclave.

  • The Fair Winds

    • Fixed an issue with the ship's wheel referring to Daggerfall Harbor as the Daggerfall Docks.


  • Fixed an issue where you could change your account's marketing preferences from the settings window.

  • Fixed an issue where the Preview option could be present on the Fillet tab at a Provisioning station.

Gamepad Mode

  • Fixed an issue where UI elements in the Champion UI would flicker when pressing various keybinds.

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t scroll through Champion star tooltips.

If you would like to see the Patch Notes on the official ESO forum you can check them out here.

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