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PTS Patch Notes v9.0.2

The Elder Scrolls Online v9.0.2 contains many more fixes for Necrom quests, content and itemization, and some adjustments for the Sanity’s Edge trial. There are also a number of bug fixes for general combat and Arcanist abilities, with balance changes coming in next week’s PTS patch. For those utilizing templates, note that the new Companions are now automatically unlocked rather than having you go through the questline first.

The Zeal of Zenithar event is currently active for testing, and on May 2nd, we are publishing an updated Beta Launcher that will have an opt-in test; we would love for you to download this and give us your feedback! All PC EU characters have been copied this week, and the size of this patch is approximately 648MB.

Updated Launcher (Beta)

A new, optimized PC launcher will be available to download for an opt-in test starting this Tuesday, May 2nd. Please note this test is only for PC players at this time. The new ESO launcher is not yet optimized for Mac, and Mac users are likely to experience crashes when using it in its current state.

  • The new ESO launcher functions nearly identically to the current version but contains new features and improvements:

    • Patching and installing is faster and more efficient

    • You can change the launcher’s text size to be larger and easier to read

    • New keyboard and gamepad navigation support for the launcher on PC so it’s easier to navigate it without using a mouse

    • New options in the Settings Menu:

      • Obsolete File Checker

      • Log File Locator

      • Functionality added to transition to and from the new launcher (temporary for the pre-launch phases)

      • The launcher will more consistently catch invalid file issues and offer to repair them

      • Error messaging presents clearer details on internal launcher issues

    • Visual changes on the loading bar while patching including the following:

      • Display disk speed

      • Display network speed

      • All progress is displayed through a single loading bar

    • Resolution scaling, including 4K support

    • Improved news feed design including larger font and more details included

    • Access to log files via the Settings Menu (for installs, patches, and errors)

    • A new Accessibility Settings menu

  • To upgrade to the new launcher, follow the steps below:

    • Open the current launcher and click on the settings icon button (the small cog/wheel) in the top right corner.

    • Once in the Launcher Settings, click on the Launcher Beta tab.

    • Click the Upgrade button. In the pop-up window, click on Upgrade again.

    • When the installation is complete, it will open the new ESO launcher window. You can tell you are on the new launcher by the purple beta flag in the upper right corner.

  • Note that in order to play on the live servers again after participating in the new ESO launcher PTS test, you do need to revert to the current launcher.

    • Open the upgraded launcher and click on the settings icon button (the small cog/wheel) in the top right corner.

    • Once in the Launcher Settings, click on the Launcher Beta tab.

    • Click the Downgrade button. This will immediately close the window and start the reversion process.

Event Testing – Zeal of Zenithar

Your hard work is rewarded during Zenithar’s holy festival! If you are a returning player, you can complete the introductory quest if you want a refresher, but it is not necessary to dive right into the event’s bespoke daily quest “Honest Toil.” This quest still awards 3 Event Tickets the first time you complete it per account each day. The Impresario will now have the first fragment for the Passion Dancer Garment costume, the third morphing collectible for this year’s Dibella-themed offerings.

  • Some changes were made to box sourcing this year and a few other aspects of the event:

    • With the quest “Honest Toil,” the minimum gold you must spend at a guild trader to complete one of the conditions was increased to 10,000 gold, up from 5,000 gold.

    • The Belkarth Festival Grounds are now a “high traffic” area for purposes of suppressing Companions and Assistants (but not, presently, pets and summons).

    • Fasaria, the bestower for “Honest Toil,” is now also present at any Impresario tent if you’ve completed the introductory quest. No need to travel to the Belkarth Festival Grounds to pick up the quest if you’re already near an Impresario (but you still need to go there to turn in the quest).

  • While you still get a gold-quality Zenithar’s Sublime Parcel from “Honest Toil” each day, we did make some small changes to the sourcing of Zenithar’s Delightful Parcels (the purple quality ones):

    • Completing “Honest Toil” on other characters after the first each day.

    • Altered for 2023: Completing a basic daily crafting writ – once per day per account.

    • Altered for 2023: Completing a Master writ – once per day per account, per crafting discipline (Blacksmithing, Woodworking, Clothier, Jewelrycrafting, Alchemy, Provisioning, and Enchanting).

    • Defeating a world boss or world event while grouped with a guildmate (100% drop chance).

    • Group Arena rounds, while grouped with a guildmate (50% drop chance on non-final rounds, 100% on final round).

    • Stealing them from hard-working civilians of Tamriel (a small chance from pickpocketing, looting safeboxes, and opening thieves troves).

  • Either type of parcel can include (with gold-quality Sublime ones having higher chances to drop the good new shiny stuff):

    • NEW: Kwama Miner Outfit Style Pages

    • NEW: Ashlander Peasant Weapon Style Pages

    • Returning: High Rock Spellsword Outfit Style Pages

    • Crafting Resources

    • Style Items for Motifs

    • Crafting Boosters (Blacksmithing tempers, etc.)

    • Research Scrolls

    • Furnishing Recipes

    • Provisioning Recipes

    • Repair Kits (equipment or Cyrodiil repair kits)

    • Treasure Maps

    • Imperial City vault keys

    • Companion Gear

    • Currency pouches for Gold and Tel Var, which have a very tiny chance for an enormous 100k jackpot.

  • During this event, the following global effects are in place:

    • Wayshrine travel costs are reduced by 75%. Happy traveling!

    • Repair costs on vendors are reduced by 50%.

    • Crafting Inspiration gain from all sources is increased by 100%.

    • Vendor prices across Tamriel are reduced by 10%.

      • These include:

        • Vendors that sell items for Gold, AP, or Tel Var stones, including the Golden Vendor.

        • Houses purchasable for Gold.

      • These do NOT include:

        • Bag or Bank Space upgrades

        • Currency vendors that do not sell things for Gold, AP, or Tel Var

        • Guild Traders, whether it be for reserving their services, collecting from sales, or anything else.

  • Philius Dormier, the Impresario’s Assistant, is revamping his inventory to source some retired collectibles from previous years.

    • He will have the Unstable Morpholith pet fragments from 2021, as well as fragments for the Deadlands Firewalker personality from the same year.

    • His inventory will change slightly with the season, much like the Indrik vendor at the Belkarth Festival grounds, so check back with him frequently if you missed something from that year or the current offerings aren’t to your liking.

  • Jewelry for the Sanity's Edge Perfected Trial Sets can now be found in its own container on the PTS template.

  • Sharp-As-Night and Azandar Al-Cybiades are now automatically unlocked when creating a new character using the Max Level template.

Zeal of Zenithar

  • The creation of Baked Apples during the introductory quest does not presently utilize the Crafting Advisor.

Beta Launcher

  • The launcher may generate a "Game Crash Detected" error message even though the client closes with no issues.

  • The launcher window may become immovable or frozen, and cannot be interacted with after sitting open overnight. If this occurs, we suggest opening the Task Manager and force closing the launcher from there.

  • Scaling past 200% resizes the launcher off-screen, specifically on any 4K resolution desktop.

  • Various localization is currently missing from the launcher.

  • After upgrading to the Beta launcher, it may display a warning about a failed version check and will start verifying the PTS even when not necessary.


  • Fixed an issue where many Ability Timers were resetting erroneously.

  • Fixed an issue where a health desync could occur when you used some specific abilities in a specific combination very specifically.

  • Fixed a typo for the Occult Hierophant in the Skill Advisor.

  • Fixed an issue with Skill Advisor having a passive learned too early.


  • Herald of the Tome

    • The Imperfect Ring

      • Rune of Displacement (morph):

        • Fixed an issue where the pull could ignore line of sight.

        • Fixed an issue where this ability would aggro the target before the pull or damage was applied.

      • The Unblinking Eye: Fixed an issue where the tooltip for this ability and morphs listed the incorrect radius; it will now state the radius being 5 meters as intended.

  • Soldier of Aprocrypha

    • Cruxweaver Armor and Unbreakable Fate: Fixed an issue where the ability icons for these two abilities were swapped.

    • Gibbering Shield

      • Gibbering Shelter (morph): Fixed an issue where the damage shields would remain visible for too long.

    • Rune of Eldritch Horror

      • Rune of Uncanny Adoration (morph):

        • Fixed an issue where this ability could not be blocked.

        • Fixed an issue where the charmed target would not follow the caster.

        • Fixed an issue where the debuff text referenced a Fear instead of a Charm.


  • Grave Lord

    • Blastbones: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs were appearing in a new, unintended place. Come to me my minions!


  • Restoration Staff

    • Blessing of Protection:

      • Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs visuals could stack in some cases.

      • Fixed an issue where casting these abilities could result in client crashes.

      • Fixed an issue where the morphs of this ability could have their visuals of the buffs they provided appear before targets were healed.


  • Adjusted some dialogue and text throughout Sharp-As-Night’s questline based on some player feedback. Thank you to those who shared your thoughts.

  • Azandar will now correctly recognize all Cordial Tea provisioning items as types of tea, with the exception of those few recipes that use coffee as an ingredient.

  • Fixed an issue that could incorrectly result in Sharp providing rapport every time you zoned while having a monster trophy in your inventory.


  • Abor's Augmented Ward: This ability no longer scales off of Azandar's power, but instead scales off Azandar's max health.


  • Light the Way to Freedom: Adjusted the difficulty of several boss fights.

  • Tempting Fates:

    • Fixed an issue where Azandar would cast magic without using any gestures while in Quire’s Wind.

    • Fixed an issue where Azandar would act as though he’s reading a book even though he’s not holding one.

  • The Double Edge:

    • Adjusted several of Sharp’s conversation gestures to avoid clipping.

    • Polished and tweaked the animation sequence in the smuggler tunnels.

  • The Fateweaver Key:

    • Fixed an issue where you could see multiple versions of Azandar while searching the stacks of Cipher’s Midden.

    • Polished and tweaked the animation sequence where you and Azandar summon Tem, and when you and Azandar explore the Underweave.

    • Adjusted Azandar’s combat ability list to a new one that only uses dynamic arcanist abilities.


  • Fixed a number of issues in Deadlands content where conversation animations could cause hitching and jerky movement.


  • Fixed a number of issues in Firesong content where conversation animations could cause hitching and jerky movement.

  • Tower Full of Trouble: Fixed an issue where accepting this quest by attempting to summon Ember when you already have her unlocked on another character wouldn't spin up her theater scene on approach.

    • Note: A fix is coming for a related issue with Isobel’s quest as well.


  • Fixed an issue where leaving the Tales of Tribute queue would sometimes fail to completely remove you from the queue.

  • Expert NPCs will now have access to the Almalexia deck with no upgraded cards.

Sanity’s Edge Trial

  • General

    • Twelvane now has the correct conversation once the quest “Approaching a Nightmare” is complete.

    • The visual appearance of the Spiral Descender now remains consistent when alive or defeated.

    • Achievements related to speed runs now require completion within 30 minutes, rather than 35 minutes.

    • Renamed the Mind Master title to Dream Master, and renamed the Tormentor’s Bane title to Mindmender.

    • Wamasu will now reset correctly if they evade while using their charge ability.

    • The Spiral Incarnate’s Thrash ability no longer has a chance to knock your character out of the play space.

    • Contramagis Militia Enforcers no longer target characters that are out of range with their Static Rain ability.

  • Exarchanic Yaseyla

    • You can no longer kill more than one horror while in Vanton’s Clarity.

    • The Ignite effect will no longer persist when Exarchanic Yaseyla is defeated.

    • Increased the duration of the Agony effect.

    • The Vanton’s Clarity effect will now only be present when there are Horrors to be defeated.

    • Exarchanic Yaseyla’s light attacks now make a sound.

    • Prevented more than one player from using the Vanton’s Clarity effect.

    • Raising the challenge banner during Exarchanic Yaseyla’s intro will no longer cause her to interrupt herself.

  • Archwizard Twelvane and Chimera

    • Player characters without a constellation can no longer enter constellation portals.

    • Companions can no longer enter portals by themselves (they must follow their player into a portal).

    • The correct number of players will now always be sent to a puzzle room when an Ascendant beast is defeated.

    • Player characters teleported to the main boss space when a puzzle room is solved will now always be teleported to an unsolved puzzle room if one is present.

    • The Ice Cage, Coruscating Orb, and Firestorm Simulacrum effects will now always end when intended.

    • You will now always teleport when intended when interacting with the Vanton’s Psyche portal.

    • Crystals will no longer activate during the “Control sequence initiated”display announcement.

    • Reduced the time between individual crystal telegraphs as well as telegraph and activation sequences.

  • Ansuul the Tormentor

    • Chilling Thought effects will now apply their damage and stun from in a larger radius to better match the visual effects.

    • No more than four player characters will be allowed to enter Vanton’s torments.

    • Sunburst will no longer target dead player characters.

    • The visual effects for Manic Phobia will now always display regardless of what you are doing when hit.

    • The Toxic Impression effect will now always be correctly removed once the associated maze event is completed.


  • Fixed an issue that caused certain unintended items to be included and others to appear at an elevated rate in Azandar's Research Portfolios.

  • Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha CE Treasure Maps are now Bind on Pickup.

  • The location of the Alchemist Survey Report in Apocrypha is now closer to where the Survey Report map says it is, and harvest nodes for this Survey Report are now Herbalist's Satchels, rather than mundane plants.

  • Removed some extra text from the Obsidian Dwarven Sphere pet, the Sacred Watcher Hood hat, and Meln’s Gem collectibles.

  • The Tribute Deck fragment "Academ's Almalexia Deck Fragment" no longer drops from bosses inside of Bastion Nymic. It can instead be found on the Herald's Seekers roaming Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha.


  • Continued correcting small grammatical errors and typos found in Necron achievement text.

  • The “Savior of Necrom” achievement now correctly requires Necrom's Stalwart Protector for completion.

  • The “Great Oaks from Little Acorns” achievement now requires completing both components to complete.

  • Updated the “Defender of Necrom” and “Nightmare Ender” achievements to reference the correct boss name.

  • Standardized text of the “Tomes of Unknown Color” and “Syzygy” achievements to make their requirements clearer.

  • Tweaked the text of the “Necrom Monster Hunter” and “Nymic Mercenary” achievements.

Bastion Nymic

  • Optional content chests now have a chance to award either blue quality or purple quality overland item set pieces, instead of green and blue quality.

  • District Bosses will drop either blue or purple jewelry, changed from green to blue, as well as an additional chance at a purple overland item set piece.

  • Greatly increased the chance for the Final Boss to drop a second set piece item.


  • Added missing visual effects to bosses that were using the Seeker model.

  • Tomeshells now have audio to go with their idle animations.


  • Adjusted Meln the Mouthless’ Ghost Sight combat synergy to make it more noticeable in encounters.

  • Updated Meln the Mouthless’ dialogue in several quests to properly reflect his telepathic powers.

  • Updated animations for several quest NPCs while they are following you.

  • Updated several NPC animations to prevent clipping issues.

  • Fixed an issue where you could see multiple instances of NPCs from a random encounter if other players were also engaging that encounter.

  • Fixed Mad Cipher Gelon’s dialogue so that it will now be audible.

  • Hermeaus Mora's tentacles will no longer be culled while on screen at close distances.

World Bosses

  • The Prime Cataloger: Fixed an issue where the ability “Apocryphal Wave” would not appear in the Death Recap.

  • Valkynaz Dek: Updated the boss to no longer use a charge attack, and instead use a teleport strike to fit better with the themes of the Dreamcarver Dremora clan.


  • Fixed several instances of quest dialogue not triggering correctly or clipping.

  • Fixed several typos found throughout quest dialogue.

  • Edited and adjusted the tone of several lines of dialogue and books/notes.

  • Fixed a number of clipping/popping issues with visual assets across the Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha.

  • Fixed an issue where the Necrom city bells audio would suddenly cut off at an arbitrary distance.

  • Updated the hint text for multiple Skyshards in the zone.

  • Updated the map highlights for Cipher’s Midden and Ald Isra on the Apocrypha and Telvanni Peninsula zone maps, respectively.

  • Fixed an issue where a Frenzied Kwama Warrior would vanish in the middle of combat in Anchre Egg Mine.

  • Updated Anchre Egg Mine to be less dark and easier to navigate.

  • Fixed some animation issues with the Ald Isra Silt Strider caravanner.

  • Added map icons for the Silt Strider caravanners outside Necrom and Ald Isra.

  • Updated the position of multiple service provider icons in Necrom.

  • Updated the Bal Foyen Gate Map Icon so it will properly display as discovered when you get close to the gate.

  • Fixed an issue where certain vendors in Necrom would not react if you were carrying a bounty.

  • Adjusted several interactions that would not behave properly if you were in werewolf form.

Main Quest

  • An Unhealthy Fate: Fixed an issue where Gadayn would grunt with an obviously different voice due to the gesture he was performing.

  • Chronicle of Fate: Fixed an issue where you would get multiple stacks of Meln the Mouthless’ Ghost Sight ability granted at once.

  • Eye of Fate:

    • Updated multiple Apocrypha-themed portals to more appropriate animations.

    • Fixed an issue where two Bloodknights would talk over one another in the Shrine of the Golden Eye.

  • Fate’s Lost Dream:

    • Fixed an issue where Scruut would appear in multiple spots at the same time during the boss fight.

    • Fixed an issue where Scruut could repeat dialogue in the post-quest sequence, breaking the quest.

    • Polished and tweaked the animation sequence that plays after the quest completes.

  • Fate’s Proxy:

    • Fixed an audio/text mismatch in Hermaeus Mora’s dialogue.

    • Adjusted multiple dialogue gestures used by Leramil the Wise to better match the tone of her dialogue.

  • Keeper of Fate:

    • Tweaked several of Port Master Ulene’s dialogue gestures to fix animation issues.

    • Adjusted several of Gadayn’s conversations to make sure he’s looking at you when he’s talking to you.

    • Fixed an issue where Gadayn would ask you to destroy Censers of Corruption after you had destroyed all Censers of Corruption.

    • Adjusted the post-quest sequence so Leramil now looks at Gadayn when she’s talking to him.

    • Adjusted the position of a Hidden Kindred Alchemist in the Necropolis so they no longer appear stuck in a rock.

  • Spirit of Fate:

    • Fixed an issue where Leramil would say a line of dialogue twice at the start of the quest.

    • Added a local area map to Tel Rendys.

    • Updated several of Leramil the Wise’s lines of dialogue that were playing out of order.

    • Fixed an issue where Dusksaber Uleni could run off in the middle of a conversation.

    • Fixed an issue where you could interact with an invisible Meln the Mouthless after a certain sequence occurred in Tel Rendys.

    • Fixed a mismatch between your character’s animation and the interaction text for the Blood Wards in Tel Baro.

Objective Quests

  • A Thief to Catch a Thief: Fixed an issue where Nireli Redoran would repeat her grumbling for help even after you agreed to help her.

  • Escape of the Sane: Fixed an issue where sleep potions were not putting the correct bristlebacks to sleep.

  • Forgotten Glories:

    • Fixed an issue where Tyss was failing to follow your character after activating runes in the first part of the quest.

    • Updated the introduction sequence to play properly for those that started the quest outside of the Remnant encampment.

  • Lost in Thought: Tweaked and polished the sequences that occur after you restart magicka foci.

  • Piteous Envoys: Adjusted Voidprowler Dys to wear a more recent version of Dremora armor.

  • Tracing Shadows: Fixed an issue where Naryu and Ashur could disappear if you visited them in the Necrom tavern post-quest.

  • Under Malign Stars:

    • Updated several investigation scenes to prevent issues where group mates playing the quest together could block one another’s progress.

    • Fixed an issue where you could not speak to the Morbid Observer after completing investigation scenes.

Public Dungeons

  • Gorne

    • In a Troubled House:

      • Fixed an issue where some of Garalo Givyn’s dialogue could be accessed out of context.

      • Fixed an issue where you would be directed to incorrect areas of Gorne when attempting to help Garalo Givyn.

    • Adjusted several lines of Garalo’s dialogue to prevent him from interrupting himself.

  • Underweave

    • Updated Champions and Group Event NPCs in the Underweave public dungeon to restart if they get stuck.

    • Updated the density of Treasure Chests, Heavy Sacks and enemies in the Underweave public dungeon.

World Events

  • Force field barriers will now reappear around the Herald’s boss arena after the Herald has been defeated.

  • The door leading to and from the Dreaming Quarter Overlook is now accessible if you have killed Kynmarcher Strix.

  • Increased the despawn time for fissures dropped by Nightmare enemies to 5 minutes.

  • Adjusted the visuals for the poison fog clouds that appear in the Plague Quarter.


  • The correct name will now be listed in the Alliance War leaderboards after renaming a character.


  • Fixed an issue where you were sometimes prevented from interacting with chairs after entering a home.


  • Pet and Mount idle sound effects will now be mixed on the "Effects Volume” slider, rather than the "Footsteps Volume" audio slider.

  • Fixed nighttime exterior ambiences that stopped entirely when in combat.


  • Fixed an issue where the icon for crafting jewelry that's not part of a set would disappear briefly when crafting jewelry that is part of a set.


  • Changed the name and description of the “Mercymother’s Body Art” to “Ode to Clockwork Body Art” to make it more thematically and lore appropriate.


  • Updated the Housing Editor's purchase tab to display New furnishings at the top of their furniture category.


  • Furnishings with heavy graphical loads typically become invisible when too many are placed in the same area at once, to spare the game client from crashing. However, we discovered this limit was too strict and have dialed it back a bit.

  • Updated the audio for a number of new furnishings found in Necrom.

  • Fixed an issue with the collectible "Trophy: Ansuul the Tormentor" where the description and acquire hint were repeated twice.

  • Fixed an issue with the new Crown Furnishing Bundle Container items where they were not being sorted into the correct Inventory tab. They can now be found in “Consumables” under “Containers”.

  • Fixed an issue where the new furniture bundles that are put into a container displayed the wrong bind type in the tooltips for the various furnishings.

  • Fixed an issue with the furnishings “Necrom Chair, Elegant” and “Necrom Bench, Elegant” where your character would have their legs clip slightly into the wood.

  • Fixed a typo with the furnishings “Mercymother Elite Tribute Tapestry” and “Mercymother Elite Tribute Tapestry, Large” where there was no space between “Elite” and “Tribute”.

  • Fixed an issue with the “Apocrypha Courtyard Pool” where the water was not visible.


  • Emissary’s Enclave

    • Fixed an issue where the Necrom Docks were flickering from the view on the balcony.

    • Fixed several visual issues with the walls and doors where textures were mismatched.

    • Fixed an issue in the Furnished version of this home where the chandelier was misaligned with the ceiling in one of the rooms.

    • Fixed a gap between the door and doorframe by the interior entrance

    • Fixed some minor clipping where the floor met the collar of the entrance to one of the side rooms.

    • Fixed an issue where a piece of the stairs was clipping through the stairwell on the lower level.

    • Fixed an issue in the stairwell from the lower level where two pillars were flickering.

    • Fixed an issue with one of the walls on the upper stairwell that wasn't connected to the wall.

    • Fixed an issue where the staircase railing on the upper level was misaligned.

    • Fixed several instances of clipping and flickering near the ceiling on the upper level.

  • The Fair Winds

    • Fixed a gap that between the door and the doorframe leading back out to the Ship’s Deck from the upper part of the Crew’s Quarters.

    • Fixed several small gaps in the Captain’s Quarters.


  • Fixed an issue with the Houseguest version of Azandar where you may have seen his legs wobble unnaturally while writing in his book.

  • Fixed an issue with the Houseguest version of Sharp-as-Night where his hand clipped through his chin during certain dialogues.

  • Fixed an issue with the Captain Kaleen Houseguest where she was not appearing in the Collections Menu as intended at first, even though she is obtainable through in-game play. Captain Kaleen can be obtained by completing the Tales of Tribute achievement, "Memories of the Spearhead."


  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when changing regions or logging out.

  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when setting music volume levels.

  • Fixed an issue where switching from FSR to DLSS/DLAA caused the graphics to darken.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using beam abilities.


  • Fixed a number of animation issues and clipping garments on NPCs across the game.

Main Quest

  • Soul Shriven in Coldharbour: You can now see through the cell door at the beginning of the Wailing Prison main quest once more.


  • Fixed an issue where backtracking into the armory had a small chance to get Norianwe to shove you through the door's geometry and punt you into null space. A terrible place to be, for sure. No goodies out there in null space, just endless Stugas.

  • Re-fixed some issues with improper map and compass pins early in the Balfiera tutorial.


  • Updated the /roll command to allow a range between 1 and approximately 2 billion.

  • The /roll command will now only offer the tip regarding the use of "/roll ?" for more information once.


  • Made the Advanced UI Errors checkbox label in the Add-ons UI clickable.

Mac Game Client

  • Combat damage values no longer appear in the incorrect location on screen.

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