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New Necrom & U38 Features Announced at ESO Vegas

The new Necrom chapter is coming to the PTS on Monday, April 17th. Here is a sample of what you can expect to see:

  • Arcanist Class

    • Each unique skill line will cater to each of the game's roles - healing, tanking, DPS

    • New 'Crux' system - generate and spend Crux to power up our abilities

  • 2 New Companions

  • New Almalexia Patron deck in ToT

  • New Antiquities

  • New Zone - Chroma Incognito (described by the devs as the "deadly section of the children's library")

  • New World Events - Bastion Nymic that will be daily instanced event quests for up to 4 people

  • New Trial - Sanity's Edge

Update 38 - Base Game Updates

  • Ability to favorite collectables

  • Bundled items put into containers

  • Filet stacks of fish in the provisioning station

  • Monthly campaigns will reset the first of the month (i.e. Cyrodiil, etc)

  • Werewolf/Vampire bites will reset with weekly timer, no longer have cooldown

  • Three new homes including an ESO first - a SHIP that 'moves'

New attunable crafting stations will be one durable station for each craft and you will feed your existing attuned stations into them ending up with FOUR tables instead of 350+!! We still have some follow up questions so hang tight and we will see what info we can get :)

Endless dungeon will be a solo or 2-player dungeon that will randomly spawn bosses and monsters from other encounters in the game (i.e. Ascendent Lord)


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