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Free DLC, mount and more in March!

ESO is kicking off their 10th Anniversary Celebrations with some awesome freebies during the month of March leading up to the big celebrations in April!

First up are the daily log in rewards --

  • Orsinium DLC - day 2

  • 2x Scalecaller Crates - days 1 & 3-6

  • 500 Seals of Endeavor - day 7

  • Craglorn Welwa Pet - day 14

  • Iron Orc Welwa Mount - day 21

In addition, there will be some bonus collectables you will be able to claim in the Crown Store from March 4th through April 1st --

  • Free Inkfur Ursauk mount

    • Complete the Orsinum main questline and earn the Kingmaker achievement to unlock

  • Free Eternity Tunic with Pants, the “Brilliance” Brocade Robes, and the Summit Lord’s Silken Robes costumes

    • Defeat four different Wrothgar world bosses and earn the Defender of Orsinium achievement to unlock

If you have already unlocked these achievements you can claim these additional rewards when they arrive in the Crown Store.

Big celebrations are coming in April and they are promising more to celebrate and earn rewards in game when they kick off the 10th Anniversary Celebration in full force!


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