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ESO Server Upgrade Status Update

Here is an update on ESO server upgrades from our friends at ZoS: Hi All, we wanted to share with everyone the latest on our ongoing hardware refresh work. The work on PC EU is nearing completion. We are doing the cutover during an extended maintenance that will start in the evening on April 3 and end in the morning on April 4. Tentative times are April 3 at 8:00 PM EDT to April 4 at 10:00 AM EDT (1:00 AM BST to 3:00 PM BST on April 4). Once the maintenance is complete, we will monitor the PC EU server performance. This maintenance does occur during the Jester’s Festival and is why we preemptively added an extra day to the beginning of the event.

For the remaining servers, below are the latest planned timelines. Please note that these timelines could change if we run into any issues with the hardware refresh process or other issues arise with the ESO live service that takes priority.

  • PlayStation EU: This server is next, and that work will be completed later this month (April.) We will let you all know when we’ve locked in a date.

  • Xbox NA and PlayStation NA: This work is scheduled for completion sometime in May. We will provide dates when we have them.

  • Xbox EU: Additional work is needed in our Frankfurt datacenter before we can do the Xbox EU hardware refresh work. We recognize that this server coming last is not in-line with what we originally communicated in December. This is the server experiencing the least amount of performance/stability issues. The hardware refresh work for this server is planned for some time later this year. We’ll provide updates as we have them.

You can check out the full discussion thread on the official ESO forum.


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