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ESO: News & Announcements - 3/28

Hey everyone! Here is the latest ESO news and in-game updates!

ESO In-Game Updates

  • Happy DLC day to our console friends! All users can enjoy the Update 37 base game improvements and those that have ESO+ or purchase the DLC will be able to get access to 2 new dungeons.

  • The Jester's Festival starts tomorrow Wednesday, March 29th at 10am ET. Check out our Jester's Festival event page for all the details including our pocket guide to the event.

  • As a reminder, all platforms now have updated daily/weekly resets for all in game activities:

    • NA Daily: 6am EDT/3am PDT/10am UTC

    • NA Weekly: Tuesday 6am EDT/3am PDT/10am UTC

    • EU Daily: 11pm EDT/ 8pm PDT/3am UTC

    • EU Weekly: Monday 11pm EDT/Monday 8pm PDT/Tuesday 3am UTC

Fox Den Guild Updates

  • Xbox NA: Join your Xbox friends for a little April Fools Day fun with a game of Mad Prince Says! Head over to The Fox Den Discord and RSVP for guaranteed shenanigans...and maybe some cheese...

  • PC NA: If you are interested in Veteran trials, check out The Fox Den Discord for an interest poll on joining The Fox Den's prog team. The idea of this prog team is to have the same core group of people run trials each week to learn how to work together to clear ESO's DLC trials. All we request is a commitment of 2 hours, 1 day per week. If you are not able to make a weekly commitment, we have a Veteran trial 101 group that runs on Mondays as first come first serve sign-ups, no special requirements needed!

Other Updates

  • The Elder Scrolls: Betrayal of the Second Era tabletop game crowdfund is now live. Backers have already smashed the goal of $75k with over $1.5M in backing. There are already a number of stretch goals completed with more still up for grabs so be sure to check it out (prepare your wallet because this one is a little pricey):


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