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ESO: News & Announcements - 3/13

Hope the start of the week is treating everyone well!

ESO Updates

  • Happy DLC day for our PC friends! All users can enjoy the Update 37 base game improvements and those that have ESO+ or purchase the DLC will be able to get access to 2 new dungeons

  • DLC launch for console will be coming on March 20th

Fox Den Updates

  • PC NA: Check out the group event sign-ups channel in Discord to find a group for the new dungeons if you are looking to get together with some guildies to run them!

  • PC NA: We still have a few spots open in our Vet Trial 101 tonight! Join us for vAetherian Archive. No requirements to join! 'X' up in Discord

  • Xbox NA: Don't forget to sign up for the Murder Ball in Discord and have some good murderous fun with friends

  • All regions/platforms: Wednesday is the last day to enter our tavern housing contest!

  • PC NA & Xbox NA: Sign-ups for our March Tales of Tribute Tournament is now open. Check out your platform's channel in Discord to enter.


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