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ESO Live Update 40 Highlights

Missed the ESO livestream? Here are some of the highlights of what is coming –-

Update 40 Information

  • U40 will be free for all players with access to the base game

  • PTS & Patch Notes Live: 9/18

  • PC, MAC & Steam Live: 10/30

  • Xbox & Playstation Live: 11/14

Grand Master Crafting Stations

While this may not impact everyone, this will be HUGE for guild leaders with guild halls full of crafting tables. Once U40 hits, we will be purchasing these tables.

  • All attuned tables you currently own will be “fed” to the all-in-one stations, so there will only be 1 table for each craft

  • As a fun little bonus, the tables will also “fill out” in design, so the more tables you feed the more robust the station looks.

  • All-in-one tables will be available for writ vouchers (price TBD)

Jewelry Crafting Rebalancing

While originally intended for players with wealth, they want to shift that intention and make jewelry upgrades more accessible to players.

  • Existing Grains and Platings will be renamed to Ancient Grains and Ancient Platings

  • Ancient Grains will go away completely. They will be converted directly into the new platings at a 1:1 ratio, so 1 ancient grain = 1 plating.

  • Ancient Platings will convert to the new platings at a 10:1 ratio, so 1 ancient plating = 10 new platings

  • Your inventory will be auto converted so no need to do anything! If they are in the bank, traders, mail, etc. you will still see Ancient. Once looted they will auto convert.

  • Jewelry will now take 8 platings to make it gold to be in line with the other crafts

  • Blue jewelry writs are being removed because they will be worthless in the new system

  • Golden vendors have also been reviewed to make sure it’s balanced and in line with everything else

New Group Finder Tool

You can advertise your group to other players in game – activity categories for dungeon, arena, trials, Endless Archive, PvP, Zone, Custom

It allows you to build the details of your activity including type of activity, role requirements, if VC is needed, includes an invite code feature and more

Quest XP & Gold Standardization

Broad audit and standardization of XP and Gold rewards for many of the game’s quests.

  • Includes quests and questlines associated with zones, main storylines, prologues, dailies, guild storylines, and many more

  • Receive more consistent rewards based on their complexity or length

  • Daily quest rewards for Mages Guild, Fighters Guild, and Undaunted have received a general boost

The Endless Archive

  • Base game update, no DLC required

  • Roguelike inspired, systematically endless dungeon with increasing difficulty for Duo or Solo teams (Companions can be your +1)

  • Each stage and encounter are randomly generated, so no two will never be the same

    • 3 Stages + boss battle = 1 Cycle; 4 Cycles + 1 unique boss battle = Arc

  • Leaderboards will not be based on speed

  • Progress cannot be saved, start fresh each time

    • You will get a certain amount of time to come back in before it resets

  • There is a quest associated with it, as well as side events/quests inside called Portals to the Unknown

  • The instance will end if you run out of “Threads of Fate” --> limited number of team wipes permitted before your run ends

  • Two unique boons you can collect as you progress: 40+ different Verses and Visions

    • Verses are temporary buffs you can select at the end of each Stage that last until the end of the next Stage.

    • Visions, on the other hand, are available at the end of each Cycle and provide a boon that lasts for your entire run.

    • Each person gets their own selections to make

  • As you play you can loot and unlock unique rewards not found in any other activity in game. This includes a mount, pet, cosmetics, and all-new Class sets.

    • Class sets buff the abilities for each unique class, providing synergy with specific Skill Lines. You can collect these items via loot drops or the Archive’s unique vendor using a new currency earned in TEA called “Archival Fortunes”

    • The new currency will allow you to purchase Consumables, Class set items, style pages, and unique buffs

      • These purchasable buffs are permanently active for your future Endless Archive runs

  • No normal vs. veteran or difficulty difference with solo vs duo

  • Check out ESO's article here

Upcoming In-Game Events

  • Secrets of the Telvanni

    • Event runs 9/28 – 10/10

    • Must own Necrom to participate

    • Any chapter content will allow you to earn reward boxes, plus there will be bonus drops & tickets

    • Community Challenge

      • 33% completion: Ebony Scarab Pet

      • 66% completion: Nightmare’s Nest Markings

      • 100% completion: Kelesan’ruhn House

  • Witches Festival

    • October timing

    • New this year, they will be decorating towns for the holiday

  • Gates of Oblivion Celebration

    • November timing

  • New Life Festival

    • December timing

Other ESO News & Events

  • TES October Event

    • Stay tuned for fun prompts on ESO socials

  • Endless Archive Player Competition

    • Details are in the works

  • No Kid Hungry Charity

    • Coming in October

  • ESO Japanese localization coming to consoles

    • Details will be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show

  • Xbox Gamepass Core service is live and ESO is part of it

Did you miss out on the Tentacular Tome Twitch Drop? You still have a chance to earn it from the regional post shows!


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