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Elder Scrolls Online has six unique classes each with their own skills, style, and play experience.  One of the best features of Elder Scrolls online is that every class has the ability to perform every role (Damage, Tanking, and Healing) in their own special way!


Knights that call upon the power of light to smite their enemies or heal their allies!


Strength: Damage, Healing, and very new player friendly!
Weakness: Few options for mobility.


Invoke the powers of the Dragon to enhance your body and weapons with the power of flame!

Strengths: Damage, Tanking, and Dragons! 
Weakness: While still possible, Dragonknights have weaker skills lines for healing.


Raise up fierce minions from corpses  to aid you in both damage and healing!  

Strength: Role Diversity and unique playstyle.
Weakness: The Necromancer can be slightly more challenging for new players to learn with the management of corpses.


Use animal companions and the power of ice to defeat your enemies and defend nature!

Strength: One of the best healers, animal companions, and new player friendly!
Weakness: Slightly weaker DPS builds, however made up for in healing and tanking.  


Use stealth and shadows to sneak up on foes to either assassinate them, redistribute their wealth, or both!

Strength: Great damage dealers and stealth.
Weakness: The Nightblade can be slightly more challenging for new players to learn.


Unleash the power of the arcane Daeidric summons to blast your enemies with magical energy!

Strength: Great damage dealers with lots of burst.
Weakness: Some builds can have many buffs and timers to manage.

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