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This guide will help you unlock, level and study the skills of Sharp-as-Night, the male Argonian Warden companion available with The Elder Scrolls Online Necrom Chapter. 



You can unlock Sharp-as-Night by completing his introductory quest located in The Telvanni Peninsula. The quest starter will be located South of the main city of Necrom near the Outlaw’s Refuge.​



+500 Points

  • Completing each part of his questline

+125 Points​

  • Completing the daily Ashlander Hunt quest

+10 Points

  • Looting monster trophies from mobs

+5 Points

  • Looting a Heavy Sack (+1 for additional heavy sacks before cooldown ends)

  • Visiting Vvardenfell

  • Finding a trophy fish while fishing (+1 for additional trophy fish before cooldown ends)

  • Resurrecting a fallen player

+4 Points

  • Visiting Shadowfen, Hew's Bane or Blackwood

+1 Point

  • Repairing gear

  • Recharging your weapon

  • Harvesting Alchemy ingredients

  • Fishing

  • Killing ghosts, liches, mechanical enemies

  • Consume and food or drink item

  • Crafting a poison

  • Visiting a Hist Tree


-10 Points

  • Paying a Bounty to guards (Fences are ok)

-5 Points

  • Pickpocketing a beggar

  • Destroying an item with a sell value

-1 Point

  • Using an Outfit Station

(Thank you to our fellow players on the ESO Forums for posting their rapport finds for the community!)


​Once you get Sharp-as-Night to max level, you will be granted a passive bonus (whether the companion is active or not) called Sharp’s Patience. The passive will also be active for players who have not leveled Azandar to max level if the companion remains active. Fish will bite at an increased rate and have a higher chance of being trophy fish.


Beasts Of The Hunt

  • Swoop – command a cliff racer to bomb an enemy, dealing 4507 Magic Damage. If they are more than 7 meters away from the target, they set them Off Balance for 7 seconds

  • Char – unearth a group of fiery shalk that attack dealing 2253 Magic Damage to enemies in front of them. After the shalk complete their attack, they burrow underground for 3 secnds and resurface again, dealing 2253 Magic Damage to enemies in front of them

  • Infest – produce a cloud of fetcherflies to swarm an enemy, dealing 6755 Magic Damage over 8 seconds. The fetcherflies rip through the enemy's flesh, afflicting them with Minor Vulnerability for the duration, increasing their damage taken by 5%

  • Gore (Ultimate Ability) – provoke a spectral kagouti to charge and toss the enemy for 13521 Physical Damage, stunning them for 3 seconds. This ability deals 150% more damage to enemies below 25% Health

Winter’s Bite

  • Sleetmail – conjure ice armor for themselves and up to 5 nearby allies. Companion reduces their Damage Taken by 20% for 6 seconds. Allies gain Major Resolve, increasing their Physical and Spell Resistance by 1802 for 6 seconds

  • Cold Snap – encircle themselves with ice shards to skewer enemies in the area, immobilizing them for 3 seconds and dealing 1097 Frost Damage every 2 seconds for 8 seconds. Damage done is based on companion's Maximum Health

  • Snow Squall – envelop themselves in winter winds, instantly healing for 5279 Health and an additional 1319 Health every 2 seconds over 8 seconds. This ability scales off their Maximum Health

Verdant Growth

  • Fungal Forage – grow a cluster of mushrooms, healing you and your allies for 4338 Health. Heals for 50% more on allies that are within 8 meters of the companion

  • Perennial Bloom – summon a field of blooming flowers, healing you and nearby allies for 867 Health every 2 seconds over 8 seconds

  • Petals Of The Hunter – call on the essence of a carnivorous bloom, causing their Light Attacks to restore 1808 Health to themselves and 2 nearby allies for 8 seconds

Passive Skills

  • Survivalist – increase Physical and Spell Resistance by 3% and Healing Done by 3%

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