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The Elder Scrolls Online has a great feature that allows players to recreate and change traits on any non-craftable set armor, weapons and jewelry. Check out our guide on how to use the Transmute station.


If you have access to Clockwork City you can visit the Transmute Station located in the Brass Fortress. If you are part of a guild with a complete guild hall you may also be able to find a Transmute Station there as well. If you play on PC NA and are looking for a guild with a fully stocked guild hall, you can check out The Fox Den Underground.



If you have an item set piece previously collected as seen in your item set collection, often called the "sticker book," you can reconstruct the item at the lowest quality. For example, gear from a dungeon can be found in as low quality as blue whereas monster helms can be found in as low quality as purple. To reconstruct, you will visit any transmute station and navigate to the reconstruction tab. From here, you can search for set item piece you are looking to reconstruct. Once you find the piece you can select the trait and quality you wish to have. The only materials reconstruction will require is any upgrade material you choose to use. You will not need to have the trait material. NOTE: your character reconstructing the item needs to have researched the trait prior to reconstruction. The more set pieces you have collected, the less transmute crystals it will cost to reconstruct - a full set will bring the cost down to as low at 25 Transmute Crystals.



If you have an item in your inventory and would like to change the trait, you can head to any Transmute Station and navigate to the Transmute tab. Here you can change to any trait already known by the character completing the transmutation. NOTE: your character transmuting the item needs to have researched the trait prior to be able to transmute. The cost to transmute any item will be 50 Transmute Crystals.

TIP: If you are looking to transmute an item, double check how many set pieces you have first! It may be cheaper to make a whole new item rather than just change the trait on the existing item.

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