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This guide will provide the locations of the Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha Skyshards in The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom.


5.   At the foot of the Endless Library's climbing mire

6.   On the deck of a ship overlooking the Ichor Sea

7.   In a dark corner of the echoing caves that divide Apochrypha

8.   Overlooking inky waters betwixt quag and acropolis

9.   Atop a stone helix east of the Tormenting Eye

10.   Atop a cliff overlooking Chthon Plaza and the Fallen Hues

11.   On a platform of ripper and ravaged books in the Underweave

14.   Nestled among the highest northern point in a disquiet study

15.   In Quires Wind, just beyond the gaze of Mora's searching eye

16.   On a prow pointed to the sky, among the ghosts of voyages past

18.   Beyond the central arches, where the Tormenting Eye was shelved​



1.   Tickling the palm of a mountainous hand
2.   Near and ancient pillar south of Kemel-Ze
3.   Near the dock, east of the glass mine
4.   Among the craggy rocks on the water's edge, north of Tel Dreloth
12.   On the scaffolding high above Gorne's north-central courtyard
13.   Among the eggs of Anchre, beyond a dead and rotting tree
17.   Atop the central scaffolding in a Dunmer crime syndicate lair

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