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This guide will help you unlock, level and study the skills of Azandar al-Cybiades, the male Redguard Arcanist companion available with The Elder Scrolls Online Necrom Chapter. 



You can unlock Azandar by completing his introductory quest located in Apocrypha. The quest starter will be located just outside the city of Cipher’s Midden, in the center of Apocrypha.​


+500 Points

  • Completing each part of his questline

+125 Points​

  • Completing the daily Enchanting writ

  • Completing the Necrom Daily Delve or World Boss Quest

+10 Points

  • Visting a Mundus Stone

  • Visiting Coldharbour, Fargrave or the Brass Fortress

  • Completing an Oblivion portal in Blackwood

+5 Points

  • Looting Psijic Portals

  • Scrying

  • Discovering a lead

  • Finding a new Lorebook

  • Activating an Ayleid Well

  • Completing a Master Enchanting Writ

  • Stealing treasures classified as a ritual object, oddity or magical curiosity

+1 Point

  • Crafting  tea at a Provisioning station

  • Killing Chaurus, Mudcrabs, Chaurus, Dreugh, Trolls, Ogres, Trolls, Nix-Ox, Dunerippers or Harpies


-10 Points

  • Going to Artaeum or Eyevea

-1 Point

  • Harvesting any Mushrooms

  • Playing Tales of Tribute

  • Crafting coffee at a Provisioning station

(Thank you to our fellow players on the ESO Forums for posting their rapport finds for the community!)


​Once you get Azandar to max level, you will be granted a passive bonus (whether the companion is active or not) called Azandar’s Inquisitiveness. The passive will also be active for players who have not leveled Azandar to max level if the companion remains active. When searching containers, this passive grants you a chance to discover research portfolios. Portfolios can contain crafting recipes, treasure maps, research notes, survey reports, and other documents of value.


Scholar of Apocrypha

  • The Triune Word – cast a trio of runes before launching them at an enemy, dealing 1650 Magic Damage three times

  • Tendrils Of The Colorless Sea – infuse their arm with abyssal arcanum and thrusts forward, dealing 2475 Physical Damage to enemies and applying Minor Vulnerability to them for 6 seconds, increasing the damage they take by 5%

  • Fate Omen's Inspiration – charges their weapons and their allies' weapons with apocryphal energy for 8 seconds applying Minor Berserk, increasing their damage done by 5%

  • Vigorous Tentacular Eruption (Ultimate Ability) – creates a gate to Apocrypha beneath an enemy. After 2 seconds, a swarm of hideous tentacles burst through the gate, dealing 7425 Magic Damage to enemies within the gate, knocking them up in the air and stunning them for 3 seconds. Enemies damaged by the tentacles receive Major Vulnerability for 4 seconds, increasing their damage taken by 10%

Quill Knight

  • Scathing Rune – use a Runic Technique to taunt their enemy to attack them, applying Minor Maim to them for 15 seconds, reducing their damage done by 5%

  • Abor's Augmented Ward – draw on advanced research to gain a damage shield that absorbs 2475 damage for 6 seconds. The first time they take direct damage after casting the shield retaliates and deals 4950 Magic Damage to the attacker

  • Fear Of The Unknown – confront an enemy with the unknowable truth of reality, applying Fear to them for 4 seconds

Revitalizing Researcher

  • Triptych Physic – launch a trio of restorative runes at themselves or an ally, healing for 1650 Health three times

  • Shields Of Erudition – manifest spinning discs of pure knowledge to surround themselves and up to 2 allies, granting a damage shield that absorbs 4950 damage for 6 seconds

  • Zone Of Recuperation – outline a domain of Eldritch Power, healing them and their allies standing within for 825 Health every 1 second for 8 seconds and granting 150 Health, Magicka and Stamina recovery

Passive Skills

  • Son Of Kozanset – increase Maximum Health by 3% and decrease ability cooldowns by 3%

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