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Find adventure and excitement within Wrothgar, Hew's Bane, the Gold Coast, and the Imperial City during the new Guilds & Glory Celebration in-game event in The Elder Scrolls Online.


We've put together some of the best resources so you can make the most of your time during the Guilds & Glory Celebration. Check out the resources below, including and event overview, tips & tricks from veteran ESO players.

Event Details


  • Begins: Thursday, January 18th at 10am  ET

  • Ends: Tuesday, January 30th at 10am ET

  • Total Tickets: 26 tickets

  • Additional Event Bonuses

    • ​Increased drops for harvesting nodes (does not include fishing holes or crafting materials obtained from animals)

    • Additional loot from --

      • World Bosses, Delve Bosses and Public Dungeon Bosses in Wrothgar, Hew's Bane, and the Gold Coast

      • Sweepers and Coldharbour Elite Guard inside Imperial City and Imperial Sewers

      • Bosses in the Maw of Lorkhaj

      • Bosses in Maelstrom Arena, Imperial City Prison, and White-Gold Tower dungeons

    • Double reward boxes for --

      • Wrothgar, Hew's Bane, the Gold Coast, and Imperial City Daily Quests

      • Maw of Lorkhaj Weekly Quest

      • Thieves' Guild Heists and Dark Brotherhood Sacraments


Just start questing and exploring any of the event areas!

Note: To participate in every aspect of this new event, you will need access to the Orsinium DLC, the Thieves Guild DLC, and the Dark Brotherhood DLC. Each is available within the Crown Store or can be accessed via an ESO Plus membership. The Imperial City DLC is free for all and can be claimed from the Crown Store at no cost.


  • Tickets: Earn two (2) tickets for completing one of the following:

    • Daily Delve and World Boss quests in Wrothgar

    • Daily Delve, World Boss, and Thieves' Guild quests in Hew's Bane

    • Daily Delve, World Boss, and Dark Brotherhood quests in the Gold Coast

    • Daily Quests in Imperial City

    • Weekly Trial Quest for Maw of Lorkhaj

    • Killing and looting a Sweeper in Imperial City

    • Killing and looting a Coldharbour Elite Guard in Imperial City Sewers

    • Killing and looting the final boss of Imperial City Prison and White-Gold Tower

    • Killing and looting the final boss of Maelstrom Arena

  • Premium Loot Boxes: You can receive up to three (3) premium loot boxes, one of each type, per day:

    • First daily quest completed in Wrothgar, Hew's Bane, or the Gold Coast or finishing the Maw of Lorkhaj weekly quest

    • Looting the final boss within the Imperial City Prison, White-Gold Tower, or Maelstrom Arena

    • Complete your first Imperial City daily quest or slay your first Sweeper boss (there is also a chance to receive a box after defeating a Coldharbour Elite Guard)

  • Additional Loot Boxes

    • Completing additional dailies in all event-related zones

    • Killing additional Sweeper bosses and defeating additional Coldharbour Elite Guards

    • Slaying World Bosses in the Wrothgar, Hew's Bane, or the Gold Coast zones

    • Defeating the final boss in Imperial City Prison, White-Gold Tower, or Maelstrom Arena dungeons

    • Opening treasure chests, safeboxes, Thieves Troves or Psijic portals

    • Looting objects such as barrels, crates, etc.

    • Harvesting crafting resource nodes


The event loot boxes may contain the following items with lower drops rates on regular boxes:

  • NEW Bristleback Hunter outfit style page

  • Crafting materials/Style items (dependent on where reward box drops from)

  • Saleable treasures

  • Tel Var Stones (Imperial City PvP only)

  • Imperial City Key Fragments (Imperial City PvP only)

  • Gear Set item (dependent on where reward box drops from)

  • Companion gear

  • Crafting recipes (from the zone in which you earn the box)

  • Treasure Maps and Survey Reports (from the zone in which you earn the box)

  • Motif chapters

    • Ancient Orc, Malacath, or Trinimac (Wrothgar Boxes)

    • Outlaw, Thieves' Guild, or Abah’s Watch (Hew’s Bane Boxes)

    • Assassin’s League, Minotaur, Dark Brotherhood, or Order of the Hour (Gold Coast boxes)

    • Xivkyn, Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant, or Ebonheart Pact (Dungeon/Arena  Boxes)



  • All three Molag Ball Illusion Imp pet fragments

  • The first Planemeld’s Master marking fragment - Crematory Ash

  • Bound style pages for Bristleback Hunter outfit style

  • Stonefire Scamp Pet

  • Soul-Shriven Skin

  • Impresario Group Repair Kits

  • Companion Guild Commendations

Impressario Assistant

  • All Unstable Morpholith fragments

  • All Doomchar Plateau House Fragments

Indrik Vendor

  • Nascent Indrik Feathers

  • Dawnwood Indrik Berries

  • Spectral Indrik Berries

  • Springtide Indrik Pet

  • Haunting Indrik Pet

Pocket Guide


Tips & Tricks


  • Check your tickets before you turn in a quest - you can only have up to 12 tickets at a time. No one wants to get all the way to turn-in and have to leave to spend their tickets!

  • Before you buy from the Impresario, test the drop rate of event goodies - tickets are valuable so save them for the things that don't drop if you can!

    • Also, ask your guildies or check the guild bank - sometimes people have extra they are willing to share! Exhaust your options before buying!

  • Items purchased form the Impresario are BOUND, but items from coffer drops are tradable and able to be sold on guild traders

  • You will only be able to pick up one of each zone daily, but you can share to get the others so check zone chat and ask your fellow guildies to get more dailies done. The new group finder tool may also be a good way to get the other quests!

  • Before the event begins - pick up and complete today's zone and guild dailies but don't turn them in. Turn them after the event begins for an extra set of coffers!


  • If you are doing a Thieves' guild heist we recommend setting yourself offline. We may or may not have had guild members port to us during a heist and blow our cover...

  • You don't need to be good at the Thieves' guild or Dark Brotherhood quests to complete them. Getting them done is getting them done, so if you're a bit clumsy don't worry and do them anyway. Leave no survivors and heck the timers!

  • Take a few seconds to review the area map before you start charging in, it'll help you when it comes time to escape

  • What's really fun about these instances...the hidden "doors." There are hidden cut throughs that can easily go unnoticed but become really helpful when you need to hide or make your escape

  • For Dark Brotherhood, do the bonus first then go after the main target, you'll get a better reward but even if you don't think you can you might surprise yourself

  • If you're looking to max our your sneakiness, here are some good build tips to help --

    • If you are a Nightblade, the Shadowy Disguise skill is you go-to here

    • Vampirism

      • Stage 4 with Unnatural Movement passive

      • Mist Form skill is great to have if you're not a Nightblade

    • Gear Sets​

      • Nightmother's embrace (5) [reduce radius by 2 meters and cost of sneak by 25%]

      • Night Terror (3) [reduce radius by 2 meters and cost of sneak by 10%]

      • Vesture of Darloc Brae (4) [reduce radius by 2 meters and cost of sneak by 10% + 5 piece bonus for the resource recovery while crouching]

    • Champion Points

      • Craft Tree

        • Sustaining shadows {S}

        • Steed's Blessing {S}

        • Fleet phantom {P}

        • Out of Sight {P}

        • Shadowstrike {S} (Dark Brotherhood related)

      • Fitness Tree

        • Thrill of the Hunt {S}

        • Celerity {S}

        • Slippery {S}


  • BANK YOUR TEL VAR STONES BEFORE LEAVING THE SEWER SAFE ZONE!!! Tel Var is the ONLY thing in game you can lose to other players. When you die you will lose half of your Tel Var currency. Go to the bank and deposit using the drop down menu in the 'Deposit Currency' screen. Tel Var will be blue. You cannot lose it from your bank, only on your person.

  • Siege of Cyrodiil Merits can be obtained once per day (per account) from Siegemaster's Coffers. So open your coffers one per day to can maximize how many Merits you can get

  • Strength in numbers! Don't be afraid to group up or follow a larger groups of people. It may save your life - and Tel Var!

  • Sewer and Base entrances are spots are often camped by griefers so be careful!

  • To get back to your faction base you need to go through the sewers. Need a quick port? Find a good hiding spot and open your Alliance War menu. Queue for any Cyrodiil campaign (ideally an open one) and you will be ported out of Imperial City and into a safe spot. You can requeue for Imperial City to get back to your base to finish your business. A few extra load screens can save some Tel Var! Like to live life dangerously? Plan on taking the sewers? Here are the sewer entrances closest to your home base:

    • Ebonheart Pact

      • Arena District

      • Memorial District

    • Daggerfall Covenant

      • Elven Gardens District

      • Nobles District

    • Aldmeri Dominion

      • Temple District

      • Arboretum District

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