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Defeat the agents of Mehrunes Dagon and earn bonus rewards during this new Elder Scrolls Online in-game event!


We've put together some of the best resources so you can make the most of your time during the Gates of Oblivion Celebration. Check out the resources below, including and event overview, tips & tricks from veteran ESO players.

Event Details


Complete daily quests, slay monsters, run dungeons and more in Blackwood and the Deadlands to earn
loot boxes and tickets during the event.

  • Begins: Thursday, November 16th at 10am  ET

  • Ends: Tuesday, November 28th at 10am ET

  • Total Tickets: 26 tickets

  • Additional Event Bonuses: increased drops for harvesting nodes, daily quests, dungeons, World Bosses and Delves in Blackwood and the Deadlands


Acquire the quest titled “Burdensome Beasts” free from the Crown Store or speak to Plokun, a Dremora found in the wilds northwest of Gideon in Blackwood.


  • Tickets: Earn two (2) tickets for completing one of the following:

    • ​A daily quest in Blackwood OR Deadlands

    • The weekly trial quest in Rockgrove

    • Defeat the final boss of Dread Cellar, Red Petal Bastion, Black Drake Villa, or The Cauldron

  • Premium Loot Boxes: You can receive up to two (2) premium loot boxes, one of each type, per day:

    • Zone Box

      • Complete a daily in Blackwood or the Deadlands

      • Complete the weekly quest in Rockgrove

    • Dungeon Box

      • Defeat the final boss of Dread Cellar, Red Petal Bastion, Black Drake Villa, or The Cauldron

  • Additional Loot Boxes

    • Zone Boxes

      • Complete daily quests

      • Defeat Delve and World Bosses

      • Open treasure chests, safeboxes, Thieves’ Troves, Psijic Portals

      • Pickpocketing NPCs

      • Harvest resource nodes

      • Loot containers such as barrels, crates, etc.

    • DungeonBoxes

      • Defeating bosses in Dread Cellar, Red Petal Bastion, Black Drake Villa or The


  • NEW Y’ffre’s Fallen-Wood style pages

  • Crafting materials/style items from zone styles

  • Zone set items (zone sourced coffers only)

  • Dungeon set items (dungeon sourced coffers only)

  • Blackwood and Deadlands furnishing plans

  • Treasures

  • Treasure maps & surveys

  • Companion Gear

  • Motif pages for:

    • Sul-Xan (overland)

    • Black Fin (overland)

    • Ivory Brigade (overland)

    • House Hexos (overland)

    • Fargrave Guardian (overland)

    • Annihilarch’s Chosen (overland)

    • True-Sworn (dungeon)

    • Waking Flame (dungeon)

    • Knights of the Silver Rose (dungeon)

    • Crimson Oath (dungeon)



  • All three Passion Dancer Blossom pet fragments

  • First two Hoardhunter Ursauk mount fragments

  • NEW Y’ffre’s Fallen-Wood style pages

  • Group Repair Kits

  • Companion Commendations

Impressario Assistant

  • All Unstable Morpholith fragments

  • All Dagonic Quasigriff mount fragments

Indrik Vendor

  • Nascent Indrik Feathers

  • Crimson Indrik Berries

  • Pure Snow Indrik Berries

  • Frost-Light Indrik Pet

  • Rosethorn Indrik Pet

Pocket Guide


Tips & Tricks

  • Check your tickets before you turn in a quest - you can only have up to 12 tickets at a time. No one wants to get all the way to turn-in and have to leave to spend their tickets!

  • Before you buy from the Impresario, test the drop rate of event goodies - tickets are valuable so save them for the things that don't drop if you can!

    • Also, ask your guildies or check the guild bank - sometimes people have extra they are willing to share! Exhaust your options before buying!

  • Items purchased form the Impresario are BOUND, but items from coffer drops are tradable and able to be sold on guild traders

  • There are a total of six World Boss and six Delve daily quests in Blackwood and another six World Boss and six Delve daily quests in the Deadlands. You will only be able to pick up one each but you can share to get the others so check zone chat and ask your fellow guildies to get more dailies done.

  • Before the event begins - pick up and complete today's zone dailies but don't turn them in. Turn them after the event begins for an extra set of coffers!

Event Details
Pocket Gude
Tips and Tricks
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