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The website domain has changed from to! will stay in place as a redirect for a few months.

All Elder Scrolls Online Builds are now being updated! 


The Immortal One Bar Warden!  This build is one of the strongest one bar solo builds for this DLC capable of soloing some 12 man Trial bosses!  Do you want a build with infinite sustain, great damage, no trial gear, and a blast to play that makes you a walking Raid Boss?  Check this one out! and Written guide: Here!

The Ultimate One Bar Sorcerer!  It parses 109k+ DPS with non-trial options as well as a solo set up to easily clear Vma and Vvate!  Written guide: Here!

The Heavy Attack Healer!  This uses very easy to obtain gear and can clear any dungeon on veteran difficulty and hard mode!  Written guide: Here!

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